Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Outsource Your Software Testing To Us
  • Cost effective
  • Augment existing test resources
  • Advantages of a dedicated test team
  • A reliable and experienced test partner
  • Reach your quality and business goals faster
  • Unbiased and independent verification and validation
  • Complete assistance to startups to cover their testing needs
Our Value Proposition
  • Affordable test partnership
  • Viable and practical test methodologies
  • Authoritative quality statements about the tested software
  • Being honest and blunt about the quality assessment
  • Testing services are KPI based and outcome driven
  • Test objectives linked to your quality goals
  • Open to use of best practices as well as context driven practices
  • Using risk based testing to minimize quality risks
  • Holistic advice on software quality assurance with organizational context in focus

About Us

Vision & Mission


To be a premier vendor of software test services and play a key role in changing the landscape of how software testing is envisaged, conducted and evaluated. To use technology, information and advances in quality/test engineering to shape our offerings in a way that benefit our customers immensely


We enable businesses that build software, to create quality that would delight their customers. We do this by providing an affordable independent testing service and consulting in software quality and testing that aid them in testing the software they develop or in helping them build a robust quality & test practice that will ensure that their quality and business goals are met.



Test Crucible was established in 2016 by a professional with over 20+ years of experience in software quality and test engineering spanning various domains such as ERP / CRM / Ecommerce / Health sciences and Banking. He has diverse experience in organizations like Relq, GE and Oracle, providing services ranging from Independent Verification and Validation to product development / testing and project delivery. A person with extensive hands-on experience in people management, software quality assurance, software test engineering and management, he also has expertise on building test automation and envisages a key role for it in enabling software to be built better and faster. He firmly believes that testing is going be a key function to focus on in the coming years and is going to reshape much of the way development is carried out. He is constantly looking to innovate on the methodologies and practices and believes that it can lead to building competitive advantages for customers. Venkatesh Seshadri has an engineering degree from the University of Mysore, Karnataka, India. Connect with Venkatesh


Testing as a Service

Testing as a Service
  • Partial or complete ownership of software testing
  • IP rights of developed software protected
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Testing engagements are KPI and outcome driven
  • End to end assistance for startup ventures
  • For Agile and non-Agile development models
  • Manual and automated testing used as required
  • Artifacts created as per the established process
  • Support for assessing and testing regulatory requirements
  • Beta testing coordination for identified customer segment
  • Crowdsourced testing on request


Quality & Test Consulting

Quality & Test Consulting
  • Assess organizational quality needs
  • Guidance on creating the Quality Assurance function
  • Suggest, create and implement best practices for the quality assurance function (also called the Quality Management System)
  • Creating your Test Practice
  • Implementing test automation
  • Adopting reliable test methodologies
  • Testers' skill development programs
  • Workshops on emerging trends in Quality and Testing
  • Measuring the effectiveness of test processes
  • Evaluating and adopting open source test tools
  • Implementing Lean practices and using Six Sigma in your organization


Performance Testing

Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing Tool Evaluation & Analysis
  • Performance Testing
  • Performance Engineering (Proactive/Reactive)
  • Capacity Planning
  • Production Monitoring


Security Testing

Security Testing
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Mobile Application Security Assessment
  • Web Services Security Assessment
  • Network Security Assessment



We conduct online and in -class training on various topics in the testing world. Right now we are looking at delivering training on the below topics .Training will be delivered by people who have many years of industry experience under their belt and can relate to real-life situations. The online classes are instructor -led sessions, not recorded sessions, and will be delivered using a medium like Skype/google hangouts. We have very limited in-class seats for each course. Please send in an enquiry to info@testcrucible.com mentioning the course that you want to take and your availability.

Automated Testing with Selenium/Java

Perhaps the most popular open source automated testing tool in the market today. Selenium supports various languages for scripting.The course is designed to introduce you to conceptual selenium along with the concepts of java that enable you to get started on building useful test automation. We also look at the components of a framework and how various third party api's/tools help build effective frameworks with selenium.

Webservices Testing With SOAP UI

Understand what SOAP and Restful Web services are, how they are used and the need to test them. Learn how to use SOAP UI to create a variety of tests to validate the web services.

Performance Testing with Apache Jmeter

Jmeter is a popular open source tool for performance testing. Understand how to use Apache Jmeter for modelling simple and complex scenarios to test web application performance. You will also learn how to use the tool to test SOAP and Restful web services performance.

ISTQB Foundation level certification training

We train testers or non-testers (project managers/program managers etc.) who wish to be certified with the ISTQB foundation level certification. The course content is in line with what is suggested by the ISTQB for the above certification.


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